Tire Light On? Don’t Fret!

July 9th, 2018 by

Have you ever been driving down the road and all of a sudden the tire light comes on? Instantly you are in a small panic, deciding whether you should pull over or risk it and drive to the next gas station! Sometimes, the warning behind the light is no big deal! Did you know that anytime you check the tire pressure you should be resetting the sensors?! I didn’t either until I got with our amazing service department here at Dale Willey Honda!

Many things can affect tire pressure, among them: weather, actually checking the tire pressure, speed, bad sensors, etc.. 

TPMS Light

If the temperature outside fluctuates enough in either direction, the light may come on because the pressure of the tire will either drop or rise. The light comes on not only if the tire is low but also if the tire is over inflated!

As always, if you are a little hesitant, stop in to the dealership and let one of our certified techs take a look at your vehicles tires and will get the problem addressed! Call us today at 785-843-0550 or go online and schedule your service!!

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