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Your tires are the point where your vehicle meets the road, so it should go without saying that your wheels and tires are crucial for keeping you in control. By replacing your tires and aligning your wheels when necessary, you can help ensure that you always have the traction you need. At our Honda service center in Lawrence, we can help!

Signs Your Tires Are Wearing Low

  • Low Tread: Tread is where your tires get their grip, so check it often. Insert a penny head-first between the treads and see if the treads cover part of Lincoln’s head. If not, you’re due for new tires.
  • Uneven tread: If your tires are wearing more on the inside than the outside, or vice versa, it’s typically a sign that they’re not inflated correctly. Even when corrected, though, low tread in any one spot shouldn’t be ignored.
  • Uneven Pressure: Check your tire pressure periodically before driving. If the tires are low, bring them up to the recommended PSI. If a tire is consistently low, there’s a good chance you have a leak or puncture.

Signs Your Wheels Are Misaligned

  • Heavy Wear on One Side: Your tires will naturally wear more on one side than the other based on driving and turning from the right lane, but regular rotations will balance things out. If the wear is drastically different, though, there’s likely a more severe problem.
  • Pulling to One Side: If you can feel your steering wheel pulling to one side, it’s more than likely being causes by a misalignment of your wheels. While driving slowly in an empty parking lot, you can take your hands off the wheel to see if your car pulls to one side.
  • Crooked Steering Wheel: Do you need to turn the wheel slightly to get your car to go straight ahead? This is a definite sign that you’re due for a wheel alignment.

Why Visit Dale Willey Honda in Lawrence for New Tires?

At Dale Willey Honda, our experts have the training and knowledge to service your vehicle properly from the start. We offer Honda Certified Express Service,
as well as a Complimentary Quick Check vehicle inspection with every visit. After all, our goal is to keep your vehicle running its best.

We also aim to keep you comfortable! In our lounge, you’ll be able to enjoy freshly brewed Starbucks coffee and and freshly baked cookies. We’ll even have the fireplace going when there’s a chill in the air so that you can sit back and enjoy the paper while we get your vehicle in order.

Louis helped me out in the service department and was extremely helpful. He was honest about what really needed done and what could wait. I really appreciated his honesty. – user

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If your tires aren’t what they used to be, or if you suspect that they might be wearing down unevenly, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with our team! Be sure to contact us by calling 785-838-3361 today.

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