Get Those Tires Aligned in Lawrence KS!

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Most of us know that we need to make sure our tires are in alignment. However, what really goes into that process and why is it so important?

Wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire wear, performance, handling and maneuverability. Wheel alignment is a big factor in your vehicle’s steering response. This leads many to the most frequently asked question about tire alignment, “When should I get an alignment?” There is no absolute answer to the question since all vehicles have different service requirements. A service technician at Dale Willey Honda will be able to do an alignment check to determine if alignment if necessary. Our advisers and techs can also give you advice about how often you need to have alignments done.

What really goes into a wheel alignment?

Vehicles rely on precision in order to function safely. Tires and wheels can easily become out of alignment due to anything, whether it be road conditions and driving habits, hitting a big bump or getting into a minor accident. Usually, the front wheels are generally easier to lose the proper alignment. However, rear wheels can also experience issues with proper alignment in many of today’s vehicles.

Diagram of wheel alignment

The process of alignment varies depending on the vehicle. Passenger cars with a four wheel suspension receive a different alignment process when compared to a wishbone suspension, or the wheels and tires on a 24 foot box truck that is used to haul heavy loads. That’s why tire alignment is something that should be performed by licensed service technicians employed by a professional repair center with modern computer alignment capabilities. Our technicians at Dale Willey Honda are certified by Honda and possess the expertise and equipment necessary to properly align tires to the exact specifications of specific vehicle makes and models.

A quick way to know if your vehicle may be out of alignment are the follow signs!┬áThe vehicle will pull one way or the other. If you let go of the steering wheel and the vehicle immediately steers to the left or right, there’s a good chance that there’s an issue with your wheel alignment. Misalignment may also cause vibration that you’ll feel in the steering wheel.

Dale Willey Honda uses the Hawkeye Wheel Alignment System to get your in and out in no time!

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